Serial Photog & Hopeless Adventure Addict.

I am a landscape photographer, blogger, and Youtuber based in Kentucky.

My name is Adam Thompson, though I’m better known online as The Serial Photog. I specialize in capturing those hard to reach landscape destinations. 

Rather it be a previously unknown waterfall, an impressive natural arch, the night sky, or one of the many vast vistas that our natural world has to offer. When it comes down to it, I just love getting out into the middle of nowhere with my camera and seeing what I can find!

I continue to share my experiences and encourage the protection and conservation of these places through my photography, my blog, and my YouTube channel.

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The Definitive Guide to Aperture & Depth of Field

Want to really step up your photography game? Then mastering the concepts of depth of field and aperture is an absolute must! This guide will teach you how!

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Stacking Milky Way Images in Starry Landscape Stacker

Want to know a secret to getting those crisp, clean, low-noise Milky Way images? Well, it’s done through a process called stacking. This guide will get you started!

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Calculating the Slowest Possible Shutter Speed for Milky Way Photography

Photographing the Milky Way is all about capturing as much light as possible. This guide will teach you how to calculate the slowest shutter speed you can use without getting star trails.

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