Frequently Asked Questions

I tend to get a lot of the same questions time and time again. Rather than having to constantly type out the same answers, here’s my attempt at answering the most common of these questions.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for after browsing this page feel free to contact me.

Questions About Photos & Prints

Where Can I Purchase Photo Prints?

Head on over to the print store! If you don’t see the image you’d like a print of please get in touch with me.

Can I License An Image?

Image licensing is available. Pricing is dependent on the individual needs of the purchaser. All of my photo licenses are non-exclusive and non-transferable and require a signed licensing agreement. Please get in contact with me to discuss photo licensing.

What Is Your Return Policy?

I’m unable to issue refunds unless there is an issue with a print. If you receive the product and it is damaged, incorrect, or there is some other issue, please get in contact with me and I’ll make it right!

Will My Print Be Watermarked? 

Absolutely not!! The images presented on my website and print store are watermarked to prevent image theft (sadly, a very common problem). The prints you receive are of the high-resolution, non-watermarked version.

I Want A Print That’s Not Listed In Your Store. Can We Make This Happen?

More than likely! While there may be a few photos that I won’t sell as prints for technical reasons (I.E. I’m not yet happy with my test prints of an image) the vast majority of my images are available for print. Please just get in contact with me and let me know which image you’d like a print of (a link to the image would be great)!

Questions About My Website & Blog

What’s Your Privacy Policy?

You can view the privacy policy here.

What Are Your Terms of Service?

You can view the Terms of Use here. 

Do You Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog?

Nope! This is my personal portfolio & blog. As such, all of the work here is purely my own.

I Found an Issue on a Post or Page, How Do I Let You Know?

Oops!! Please get in contact with me to give me a heads up about it. Thank you!!

Questions About Me

What Camera Do You Use?

I’m currently shooting on a Canon 70D.

Can My Company Send You Products to Try?

One thing that I’ve learned doing this is that I’m not a fan of playing the product review game. You’re free to get in contact with me about sending me a product, but it’s unlikely I’ll review it and I make absolutely no guarantee that I’ll do so or what the time frame would be.

In the unlikely event that I do accept a product and decide to do a review, the opinions about the product will be 100% truthful and my own.

You’re a Jerk For Not Telling Me Where X Is Located!

That’s not a question. You’re clearly confused about how this works.

How Do You Find So Many Waterfalls?

The simple answer is through a lot of work! Perhaps my post detailing resources for waterfall hunters in Kentucky will help point you in the right direction?

How Can I Follow Your Work?

There are a lot of ways! By far the best place to stay up to date with me and my work is by following this website. My Blog has an RSS Feed (if you’re into that sort of thing) or you can subscribe to the blog via E-Mail using the form below.

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Additionally, you can follow me on my various social media platforms: