Top 5 Unofficial Hikes in Red River Gorge

By now you probably wouldn't be surprised to hear me say that Kentucky's Red River Gorge is one of my favorite places to spend some time! I've spent countless hours exploring the plethora of trails, sandstone arches, waterfalls and breathtaking vistas over the years. Recently, however, I've been finding enjoyment in exploring off the beaten path in The Gorge. You see, the Red River Gorge is just full of unofficial hikes that will take you off the officially maintained trails to some amazing places. It is, in my opinion, the best way to find adventure and solitude in our ever-crowded Gorge!
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Jailhouse Rock Red River Gorge

Jailhouse Rock and Unofficial Arches - A Red River Gorge Day Hike

Here lately I've been extremely caught up working on some software development projects. I decided it was finally time to get out on another adventure! This time I would simply be heading down to The Gorge after work and doing a quick day hike. The plan was to hit up Jailhouse Rock, Stargap Arch, and possible another unofficial arch or two, depending on how I did on time. Along the way, I made an unexpected discovery...

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