Jailhouse Rock Red River Gorge

Jailhouse Rock and Unofficial Arches - A Red River Gorge Day Hike

Here lately I've been extremely caught up working on some software development projects. I decided it was finally time to get out on another adventure! This time I would simply be heading down to The Gorge after work and doing a quick day hike. The plan was to hit up Jailhouse Rock, Stargap Arch, and possibly another unofficial arch or two, depending on how I did on time. Along the way, I made an unexpected discovery...


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Climbing Mount Leconte

Climbing Mt. Leconte Via Alum Cave Trail - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Remember a few months ago when snow spoiled my plans to climb Mt. Leconte in The Smokies? Well, I decided it was finally time to go back and conquer the mountain! I reserved the hotel, made the 4 and a half-hour drive down to Tennessee, and prepared to complete the hike the following day, which was Saturday. 


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Newfoudn Gap Road in the Snow 3

Things Didn't Go As Planned - Great Smoky Mountains - January 2017

This weekend I took a trip down to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The plan was relatively simple; Hike to the summit of Mt. Leconte (via the Alum Cave Trail) and make a video for the Youtube channel in the process. In the days leading up to the trip, I packed my gear, watched the weather, and paid attention to the daily conditions up on Leconte. The weather forecasts were calling for snow.

The prospect of snow excited me, but I was worried about the possibility of Newfound Gap Road being closed due to the snow and ice. Because of this, I came up with several backup plans. One being to do a winter ascent of Mt. Cammerer and the other being to photograph Cade's Cove and possibly hike to Abram's Falls. I was, or so I thought, prepared.

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