Adam Thompson, The Serial Photog.

Hello, World!

Why hello there, and nice to meet you! My name is Adam, though most people online know me better as “The Serial Photog”. I’m glad you’ve found my little corner of the internet!

I’m a Kentucky based landscape photographer who is hopelessly addicted to adventure. There’s nothing I love more than setting out into the wilderness with my camera. That’s my happy place!

To be completely honest with you, I’ve never really been all that great at writing about myself. Since you’re here reading an about me page, however, I guess I better give you a little something for your effort…

Adam Thompson Backpacking Indian Staircase, Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Picture shot by my buddy Tim Watson during a backpacking trip to Red River Gorge.

Currently I am a twenty-something year old guy living in the grand ol’ state of Kentucky. As I mentioned already, my passion is setting out into the wilderness with my camera. If I’m not on an adventure, I’m either planning one or daydreaming about the next one!

Being based in the Bluegrass state means that I frequently explore the Daniel Boone National Forest, especially the Red River Gorge region (I’m even a search and rescue volunteer there). These areas have played a significant role in shaping who I am today. 

Adam Thompson standing in front of Copperas Falls when it was completely frozen.

My goal is to photograph the amazing natural beauty that surrounds us and make others fall in love with these places. I believe that the only way to make someone want to protect something is to make them fall in love with it. 

More recently I’ve discovered another passion of mine: sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. This has been the catalyst behind my blog and YouTube channel

I’m really a pretty humble guy, so that’s about all I’ve got to say about myself for now. If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to get in touch or, better yet, be awesome and check me out on social media!

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